USMNT v Brazil – An AO Recap

Being here for the future doesn’t mean there isn’t hard work to be done. In fact, it means the opposite. It means being here to grow the game, support a young team and help grow them into the power we know they can be. That doesn’t happen immediately, and last night was a reminder of that.

It was also a reminder of what your support means to the young players on this team, and the role all of us fans can play in their development. Prior the game, personal letters from AO members across the country were left in each players’ locker to show how much we appreciate them repping our country.

At the AO tailgate, excitement was palpable, with fans excited to see the young team get valued experience against one of the top sides at the world with a full-strength squad.

On the field, Brazil did…well…Brazil things. They showed incredible skill and technique, along with a little bit of diving sprinkled in for good measure. But despite fielding a lineup that featured stars like Neymar, Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Douglas Costa, our new-look team showed plenty of promise and moments that give us a glimpse into the future.

The squad had an average age of just 23, and 25 year-old Bobby Wood was the oldest in the lineup. Defenders and overall big humans Matt Miazga and John Brooks played particularly well against the star-studded front line, and the duo of Weston McKennie and Tyler Adams showed in moments what our midfield could look like for the next ten years – hardworking, smart and skillful.

Also – DeAndre gave us this nice little moment…

All this talk about the future can make it seem like we’ve forgotten about the past, which couldn’t be further from the truth. An absolute legend retired from the game last week, and we wouldn’t be supporters if we didn’t show him some love.

AO New Jersey and AO NYC helped get the word out to pack the section with Clint Dempsey jerseys, and at the eight-minute mark, Deuce faces filled the section. #ThankYouDeuce

After a challenging game, our section kept the noise up to show the boys we’re going through this process with them, singing the whole way, and they showed the love back. Win or lose, we love ya.