That’s A Wrap: MNT vs. France

The MNT rolled up into Lyon without a hope and/or a pray of coming away with a result against France, BUT THEN WHAT??

The #HereForTheFuture kids didn’t give a damn about these potential World Cup favorites and hunkered down to get a opportunistic goal from Julian Green (making his mark every four years… we kid).






(h/t Kollin Brandenburg, AO: Austin)

Plus some tough as nails defending from a five-man back line. OH YEAH… and Zach Steffen showing off the stuff that could make him the MNT numero uno when the Nats return in the fall.

Not pictured… the amazing Zach Steffen. 

Be excited. Be happy for juuuuuust a second. The kids worked their butts off and drew with a super good side in away in France. They weren’t in T&T and they don’t deserve any of our glub glub (look it up… it’s a book about a sad fish) about missing the World Cup (which still sucks, but damn this was a good game for them.

We’ve got highlights (Green putting it between Sidibe’s Eiffel Tower and Steffen double save…. yes, pls) reviews and ratings from the American soccer Internet-blogosphere, and pics from our fan friendly vs. French supporters.

Scroll on.

The Highlights

The Reviews

Brian Sciaretta (American Soccer Now) – Five thoughts on the USMNT draw with France

“For several years it has always seemed as if Zack Steffen had the talent to be a very good No. 1 goalkeeper for the U.S. national team. But the past year he has clearly turned the corner.

Steffen is the deserved No. 1 heading into the next cycle and he is an option American fans should be feeling very good about that prospect.”

Avi Creditor (Sports Illustrated) – USMNT Closes Camp, Awkward Period With Nice Lasting Impression vs. France

“At last, though, the awkward transition period of purgatory is over. The 2022 cycle begins in a couple of months, and for a program looking forward to getting over its most unthinkable setback, it’s most certainly welcome.”

Jeff Carlisle (ESPN FC) – U.S. shows progress vs. France; hope grows for future, post-World Cup woe

“Either way, the team moving forward with more hope than it had in October, or even before Saturday’s game. The concern prior to playing France wasn’t that the U.S. would lose, but rather by how much. Instead, the young side simply went about its business, while Sarachan dug even deeper into his youthful roster as well as his tactical bag of tricks.”

Parker Cleveland (Stars and Stripes FC) – A determined draw for the USMNT

“The team showed things that have seemed to be missing from the US in recent months – years even: the US played with toughness, determination, and team spirit in ways that go beyond the cliches that are often thrown around about the team and in a way that should be a performance that the young players featuring for the Stars and Stripes can build on.”

Ian Quillen ( – Recap

“Between the caliber of opposition, the location and the inexperience of the US squad, this may have been the single most challenging friendly in American soccer history. While the equalizer may have felt deflating, it was still a resolute performance full of lessons and reasons to hope for better things to come following a 2018 World Cup absence.”

The Ratings and Remarks

Brian Sciaretta (American Soccer Now)

Greg Seltzer (

Jason Davis (ESPN FC)

Stars and Stripes FC (contribute your own ratings to the community. 

The Fan Friendly

Just like in Dublin we were able to schedule a fan friendly with the home supporters. Irrésistible Français were kind enough to host a small group of AOs at the Olympique Lyonnais Academy fields the day before the big match.

What’s Next?

  • Tuesday, June 12: WNT vs. China, 7pm ET on ESPN2 (Cleveland) – TICKETS AND EVENTS