Pulisic’s Christmas Miracle Dog Delivery

If you were on soccer social media on in the last couple of days then you might have seen one of the best things to happen in 2017.

Christian Pulisic, in our nation’s capital for the holidays, Tweets into the void about missing his pup a few days before Christmas.

Twitter, notorious for being terrible, responds unexpectedly. A man, nay… a hero named Tristan responds.

AO: Tell us about your US fandom.

Tristan: I really didn’t start to get interested in the USMNT until the last 1-2 years. Now I’m all in and have even been watching the young kids and following youth development, things like that. Including recently starting to scout Derrick Jones (Union) for The Total Soccer show. 

(Editor’s Note: Trisitan is now an member of our Harrisburg, PA chapter!)

AO: So you’re just scrolling through Twitter and you see Pulisic’s tweet asking the world for help delivering his dog. What’s going through your head that’s like, “Yeah I can do that.”?

Tristan: Pretty much, exactly that. I commented on it and never expected to hear anything about it again. 

AO: Did you really think Christian was going to reach out when you wrote him? Did he just DM you and ask?

Tristan: I told my girlfriend (Mihaela) he asked for help; and showed the original picture and next thing I know I have a DM from Christian. I didn’t really believe it at first and just assumed it was some sort of joke or he had been hacked. He gave me some basic details and I said I would be happy to do it but needed him to give me a call so we both would have some peace of mind about the whole thing, a few minutes later my phone rings and I’m talking to Christian Pulisic on the phone. 

AO: How did you pitch this to your girlfriend? She ending up coming along and did a bunch of the driving, right?

Tristan: That was simple, hey, we can really do this, can you drive,  she was skeptical it was the real deal, but we both love dogs and my interest in soccer and Borussia Dortmund is because of her, so it was an easy sell. 

AO: You just rolled up to Pulisic’s parent’s house in Hershey and asked to take Christian’s dog?

Tristan: For privacy and security reasons and again peace of mind for both of us, I met the family friend that was watching the dog in a public place near Hershey for the original exchange. 

AO: How long was the drive from your house (where?) to Hershey to DC and back?

Tristan: I live in Mechanicsburg, so 30 minutes to pick up, 2 hours and 15 minutes to near the airport where we met, and another 2 hours home for us. 

AO: What was Christian’s reaction when you met up to deliver his dog?

Tristan: The Pulisic family and Timone were both equally happy to see one another. That itself made the drive worth it for us. I know how I missed my dog when I went to Dortmund last year and that was only for a couple weeks. 

AO: Do you think Christian would recommending your dog delivery services to other USMNTers? Are you up for another road trip?

Tristan: Haha, I would hope to think he would. They were all very nice to us and appreciative. I wouldn’t rule out another dog delivery trip if someone asked me to. 

AO: The question everyone wants to know…. is Timone a “good boy”?

Tristan: He was amazing. I’m sad I had to give him back. Him and I napped in the front seat during part of the drive. Well behaved and friendly. 

AO: Ladies and gentlemen… Tristan. The kindest person in the world. 

Tristan: I didn’t ever expect anything really to come of this but I’m glad everyone enjoyed the story for Christmas. I would have gladly done it for just those pictures and the story but Christian did give me his game jersey signed from the Bayern game last weekend. Mihaela moved to Dortmund from Serbia and Croatia when she was young so she’s the reason we are fans of Dortmund. So Christian ending up there was a big bonus for us.