Meet A Few of our Incredible Female AO Chapter Leaders

In 2007 AO was founded by three guys, Korey, Justin and Ben. A simple vision to provide events and community surround the men’s national team. Quite the boys’ club.

Ten years later… things have changed dramatically. At nearly 200 chapters at home and abroad our organization is now fueled by a massively diverse community of leader; both men and women. Additionally we’ve committed to bringing the same noise and ruckus that we originally set out for just the men’s national team to our world champion women’s team. Limited only by organizational capabilities (we just didn’t have enough people to help out!) we added WNT support in 2013 and haven’t looked back. You can find AO at every WNT match behind the goal as usual with events just like we do for our MNT.

This month we’re telling the stories of some of these incredible and intelligent female leaders of AO who have contributed so greatly to our #AOFamily.