Making a Difference One Soccer Ball at a Time

Picture: AO members at the ball drop with SeSSI. Matt Kudron (U.S. jersey), Kevin Waybright (bike helmet), Chris Earley (back right), and Lauren Meehan (not pictured).

By Korey Donahoo / AO President

As American Outlaws members we have a great opportunity to use the game we love to spread positivity around the nation. One way AO members have decided to help is by purchasing an Senda AO fair trade soccer ball to be donated to a worthwhile organization.

We’re proud to be a leading these efforts to direct the positive energy of our #AOFamily and their generosity towards productive projects around the country.

In the coming months we will be highlighting different “ball drops” around the country that members have chosen to support. This first installment of the ball drop series goes to Southeast Springs Soccer Initiative (SeSSI) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

SeSSI is a collaborative community effort committed to bringing together passionate leaders from the soccer, law enforcement, education and juvenile justice systems to offer soccer opportunities to at-risk youth. The AO balls will be put into the back of police cruisers and will be donated by officers to at-risk youth in the area. The simplicity of soccer (only requiring a ball and a goal) makes it the perfect conduit to foster improved relations between the youth and law enforcement.

The donated AO balls were dropped at a small ceremony in late August. You can support this cause and many others by purchasing a ball for yourself and donating a second at anytime from the AO Store.

Thanks to Matt, Chris, Kevin, and Lauren for their awesome work!