LIVE AO Member Questionnaires and Full Recordings 

Thanks for joining us on our US Soccer President Candidate Forum Series.

Our goal is to help foster positive change for the federation and U.S. Soccer by giving the candidates a platform to talk to and listen to our members, the fans.  These forums are only possible because of our members support.  Feel free to become a member yourself if you aren’t already and we will see you in the stands with us soon.

For more information on the USSF election process go to:

So far seven of the eight candidates for USSF President have provided their answers to our members’ issues questionnaire and six have appeared before our LIVE member forums. Mr. Codeiro will not be appearing before our LIVE forum and Mr. Paul Caligiuri has not provided a questionnaire or forum date. At this point our candidate windows are now closed and we will shortly be polling our members. 

NOTE: The American Outlaws will NOT be making a organizational endorsement, but we will make available the results of our member straw poll and select quotes from our members on why they voted the way they did.

Thanks and enjoy.