It’s the Moments that Make the Shirt

Our United States’ national teams have had a long history of success and failure. Not just when we’re talking about results, but even before the whistle is blown.

Kits, crests, rebrands and subtle touches on every shirt are scrutinized by an ever more educated and involved American fan base. From tactics to threads we have our opinions.

But no matter what… the true character of any team or how folks remember each jersey is based more-or-less on the results that are produced in them.

Not only were the Centennial jerseys iconic for their brilliant and fashionable simplicity (and helped by that borrowed USA Rugby crest… no.. U.S. Soccer doesn’t own it and can’t use it again), but by an epic unbeaten run through 2013’s World Cup Qualifying campaign that began on a snowy evening in Denver, was punctuated by another “Dos a Cero” in Columbus, and marked by an exclamation with a 3-2 come-from-behind-win to capture our group.

The 1994 denim shirt became iconic as both a turning point in American soccer history (hosting the 1994 World Cup) but also as a vintage fashion statement many years later.

The “Waldos” and the “Bomb Pop” maligned at their release, but later celebrated as unique jerseys more true to our nation than some template-type shirts of recent times.

This year’s new MNT and WNT jersey is red. Really red. View of it are diverse to say the least.

But, ultimately, the memories made in this shirt are what will be remembered.

If the MNT finds their footing and qualifies for their eight consecutive World Cup perhaps the jersey captures that “red run”. If the WNT repeats as “Play Like a Badass” Cup champions and retains the top spot in global rankings in preparation of their World Cup champions defense perhaps this jersey represents the “red redemption” and their persistence.

But don’t take my world for it. Here from some of our chapter leaders on what the shirt, the team, #AOFamily, and our colors mean to them.

History will judge the rest.