American Outlaws Digital Member Card and Chapter Programs

FIND AND DOWNLOAD YOUR digital MEMBERship card on your member portal profile

– If you don’t see your link at the bottom of your profile, we have a few more we need to upload.
– Visit MEMBER PORTAL on your mobile device, scroll to bottom, and select the link associated with your mobile device.  Once prompted, follow instruction to add to your apple wallet or google pay.

American Outlaws digital membership card

We have some great news.  AO is taking another step into the digital age by creating a digital member card that lives in the mobile wallet for all of our members.

In our continuous pursuit to strengthen and unite this community of U.S. Soccer supporters, we are trying to maximize your membership benefits and keep you up to date with the upcoming match schedule.

We will now be providing our members with digital member cards that live in your mobile wallet to help us identify our members in chapter bars, events around the country and with our partners so we can reward and inform you on being a member.

How it works: 
How you can receive and add your digital member card to your mobile wallet:
  1. Every member will have their digital member card link on their member profile at   Visit MEMBER PORTAL on your mobile device, scroll to bottom, and select the link associated with your mobile device.  Once prompted, follow instruction to add to your apple wallet or google pay.
  2. Once it is in your wallet you are good to go, until you aren’t a member any more. At that point, it will be invalidated at end of month, until you become a member again.
What’s more is that since these passes are dynamic, they will continuously update to display the upcoming match information or important links and information.
Member Card Benefits & Potential Programs:
National Benefits:
  • Important AO Links on your phone
  • Notifies you and updates you on the next upcoming game
  • Identifies you as a current member for AO events and potential event activations
  • Can connect and show other members that you are also a member, building the community
  • …With more to potentially come
Potential Local Chapter Benefits:
At your local chapter it can be used to show that you are a member to receive benefits. The digital card allows your local chapter and chapter bar to create a discount program at the bar and a check-in program.
IMPORTANT: Not every chapter will participate, but if they do, below is how it can work.
If you would like to see your chapter or chapter bar create a program, reach out to us and your local chapter.
Please be patient as the digital card is the first step and many chapters will be adding their programs over time.
  1. Discount Bar Program: Some chapters and their chapter bars will have a AO member discount program. Show your digital member card to the bar personnel to prove that you are an AO member to get a discount. See chapter programs here:
  2. Chapter Game Viewing Party Check-in Program: Once you arrive to your chapter bar, your chapter leader can check you into the event with your digital member card. Get rewarded for attending viewing parties.
Your local chapter programs will be announced at later dates. You will receive notifications when entering the chapter bar with information, if they have a program or not.
*Discounts and perks are subject to availability and we reserve the right to change or substitute rewards. Check with your local chapter for any local programs:
Digital Member Cards technology provided by Pronto CX which is helping American Outlaws and our members. THANKS!
About Pronto CX:
Pronto CX was created to enhance the guest experience everywhere from large events to your local coffee shop. No one likes waiting in long lines, and everyone likes to receive discounts and incentives on each purchase they make. Pronto’s digital member cards enable a new, easier membership experience by putting the latest in Apple Wallet and Google Pay technology at your fingertips. Their customizable platform enables businesses to design, generate, distribute and update digital member cards – all in real time. The member cards not only help all sizes of organizations incentivize and communicate with their members, but they can also make the checkout process a frictionless experience, speeding up the lines, and enabling guests to make a payment and seamlessly participate in a loyalty program – all in a single tap.
Learn more about Pronto CX –