American Outlaws Donates $6,700 to Hurricane Harvey Relief

For the American Outlaws, soccer is of the utmost importance. Soccer is life. However, there are times where life is more important than anything happening on the soccer field. Over the past few weeks, the United States was impacted by two major hurricanes, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Millions of people were affected by the devastation from the paths of these hurricanes. Still, our AO members showed that we are more than just soccer supporters. We are a family. And, family takes care of its community.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, AO members were quick to offer assistance to fellow members who needed it, and they banded together to help those who lost everything. At the tailgate for the USMNT-Costa Rica match in New Jersey, members decided to chip in to donate what they could to help Hurricane Harvey victims. After counting the bucket, the American Outlaws matched the donations from our generous tailgate attendees. Together, AO is donating $6,700 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

While thousands of our members were affected by the hurricane, they were still quick to organize their own efforts to raise even more money for hurricane relief. AO Houston led the charge despite many of their members at best displaced or, at worst, dealing with their own damage from Hurricane Harvey. In a statement, the chapter leaders of AO Houston wrote: “We thank everyone for the donations and generous support. As a city, we are rebuilding and look forward to new growth. Our chapter is overwhelmed by the amount of aid given by our American Outlaws family!”

We’re extremely proud of our AO Family for stepping up to help out fellow members with places to stay, clothes, water and other essential supplies in time of need. We are always in awe of how quickly our groups can mobilize to help others, and we know that it is much appreciated by the members who have been impacted by these storms to know that their AO Family is behind them.

If you are interested in donating to help out the citizens of the Gulf Coast of Texas, head to the Global Giving website for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.