American Outlaws 10th Anniversary Jersey

The American Outlaws are the most vocal and visual cheering section at U.S. national team matches and the supporters group is celebrating their 10th anniversary this summer with a limited edition jersey.

The blue jersey with white pinstripes is inspired by the U.S. men’s national team jersey from the 2007 CONMEBOL Copa América. The Stars and Stripes were one of the guest teams at that year’s South American championship and wore a similar jersey.

The American Outlaws were formed shortly after the tournament which made the 2007 jersey the perfect tribute to ten years. The 2007 USMNT Copa America jersey also stood out because it is one of the most unique in the history of the men’s national team program.

“The American Outlaws were founded in 2007 when about 50 fans packed a bus bound for Chicago to watch the men’s team play Brazil in a friendly,” AO co-founder Justin Brunken told “We had the mission to bring together scattered soccer supporters around the country to create a loud, unified voice supporting our teams.”

“This jersey pays tribute to the growth soccer has experienced in the U.S. over those ten years, but it reminds us all that our goal hasn’t changed: to unite and strengthen support for our men and women on the field.”

The details on the jersey make this 100% authentic AO. The American Outlaws crest is placed over the heart on the left chest and ‘American Outlaws’ over the right chest. Unite and Strengthen, the AO motto, is printed on the right sleeve with the AO 10 Year Anniversary logo on the left sleeve.

The look is finished with a white v-neck collar and white sleeve cuffs.

Since starting the first chapter in Lincoln, Nebraska, the American Outlaws have grown to include 190+ chapters across the country with more joining every month. The supporters group host events prior to all domestic US national team matches (men’s, women’s, and youth) and have large traveling support for overseas matches.

This support has created a buzz around the U.S. national teams that did not exist prior to that first trip to the Windy City 10 years ago.

“The passion (for the US national teams) was there but it was difficult to get everyone on the same page,” Brunken added about the growing fan base and passion at games. “When you go to a U.S. game now, the whole stadium gets in on the chants, everyone knows the players and knows what’s at stake.”

“That’s credit to a lot of people working really hard to bring ‘casual’ fans into the fold, like local chapters reaching out and getting new people to watch parties and events. But what we’ve all seen is that now there is no such thing as a casual fan. Even people who might not know every single thing there is to about the sport are still die-hards who create an insane atmosphere for the team.”

American Outlaw members can customize their American Outlaws 10th Anniversary Jersey (#A1004662) with their chapter name and number in exclusive AO customization from World Soccer Shop. The jersey is available in size small through 4XL.