Meet A Member: AO London’s Jordan

Name: Jordan McNamee

AO Chapter: London

Caps: 18

When did you become a member?: 2012

How did you first get involved with AO?

I first saw the American Outlaws at my first game in Tampa! I was amazed at the atmosphere and had to join right away!

What goal incited your craziest celebration?

Either Bobby Woods 108th minute equaliser vs Mexico in the CONCACAF Cup! I thought we had the game then! Or Bobby’s winner vs Holland after being 3-1 down!

What was your celebration?

Jumping up and down, screaming, hugging everyone in sight and teasing a few Mexicans!

What are your weird game day superstitions?

I wrap my AO bandana around my arm and sing myself a few songs I made up about the current players!

What is on your wish list to do or experience with US Soccer?

Mexico in the Azteca and a World Cup game!  

Who do you most admire/who is your favorite player?

Aron Johannsson is my favorite current player! But it’s a toss up between Stuart Holden and Landon Donovan as my all time!

What do you want to get from this community?

Wherever I go with AO, I want to continue feeling the sense of togetherness I feel now! AO is my family!

What was the happiest moment as an AO member?

My happiest moment as an AO member has to be beating the Netherlands and Germany in one week!

What is your most impactful memory with AO?

Being a part of a family, a group of people that wherever you go will take of you, buy you a beer and laugh together! I’ve never met a more friendly group of people in my life!

Tell us something you’ve done with an AO friend that wasn’t soccer-related?

We (Kelly Johnson, Dale Houdek and I) visited Six Flags Magic Mountain before the CONCACAF Cup game in Pasadena. Also Michael Dovellos was cool enough to show me round Chicago. 

How far have you traveled for a US Game?

I once travelled to Los Angeles for the weekend (I live in Manchester) for the CONCACAF Cup Final and once travelled across Denmark with AO’s very own Hex!

What do you want to do or experience more than anything in the next 4 years?

A victory at the World Cup!